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Risk Management Meeting - Outline and Benefits

Why we developed this service.

Risk is a part of business life. Every business decision carries risk, be that financial, legal, or reputational. Some risks only become apparent with hindsight (though we can minimise their likelihood of recurring); others we can plan for. Regardless, if we integrate risk management into our business strategy, we can minimise the potential impact.

We developed this service to support our clients to regularly identify, record, assess, mitigate, and monitor risk in their business. Proactivity trumps reactivity. Anticipating and mitigating risks is an important planning activity.

Who should undertake this service?

If you don't currently have a Risk Register or risk management strategy, this service should be a priority. If you're regularly stressed and finding yourself responding to unanticipated issues, a Risk Management Meeting can help reduce your stress, identify risk indicators, and mitigate critical risks before they materialise.

What is involved?

During this meeting, we'll:

  • Identify the most critical risks to manage in your business

  • Assess the identified risks based on likelihood and consequence

  • Determine risk mitigation strategies

  • Establish the implementation process for ongoing risk management

  • Agree the best way to work together to help you manage risks

  • Benefits of a Risk Management Meeting:

  • Demystifies the risk management cycle

  • Helps you recognise the risk indicators in your business

  • Provides a criteria for assessing risk

  • Supports improved reporting between departments and leadership

  • Documents the most critical risks and mitigation strategies in a Risk Register

  • Embeds ongoing risk management as a key business strategy

  • Helps you respond more quickly to critical issues in your business

  • Reduces stress and unanticipated issues by planning and preparing for potential risks

  • Gives you peace of mind that you're prepared for potential disruption

  • When should I have this meeting?

    The sooner you attend a Risk Management Meeting, the sooner you can minimise the impact of critical

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