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How well is your business delivering on your definition of success?

This free worksheet helps you assess if your business aligns with your definition of success. To begin, consider what success means to you. How do your personal values align with your business goals?

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Life-Centred Business

More Money, Time & Freedom

Life Centred Business model is an approach to business that emphasizes the importance of personal values and life goals, while running your business. The Life-Centred Business model was coined by Lenah Oduor, and it recognises that small business owners have a challenge in creating a balance between the 3 Fs - Freedom to do what you love, Fulfilment in making a difference in the world and having Flexibility in your schedule. Lenah Oduor has since expanded the model to include Faith, Family, Fun, Fitness, Friends and Finances in the Life Centred Business Life Wheel. 

The benefits of having a balanced Life Centred Business Wheel are numerous, and include alignment with your purpose, satisfaction, and fulfilment, which can lead to greater productivity, better client relationships, and ultimately, greater success in business.

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Take the 5-minute Wheel of a Life-Centred Business Quiz to find out how balanced (or not) your Life-Centred Business is.

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Lenah Oduor

Business Coach, Financial Expert

Lenah Oduor is a Chartered Accountant, Finance Director, Author, Speaker & Business Coach who helps small and medium sized businesses (SMEs) manage their money better, improve performance, and increase profit and cash so they can have more impact, income and freedom.

Lenah’s journey working with small businesses started in 2013 when she founded gHawk Accounting, a Banbury, UK based accountancy practice that helps small and medium-sized businesses with accountancy, bookkeeping, payroll, tax returns, and business development needs.

She has helped hundreds of businesses set up efficient accounting systems, meet their compliance obligations and save thousands of pounds in tax. While running her practice Lenah noticed that many businesses were not structured correctly and owners did not understand their financial statements, hence, missing opportunities to reach their goals faster.

This led her to start educational classes and a coaching program working closely with business owners to help them build more profitable businesses, and achieve both business and personal goals.

Lenah is the author of the book – 7 Key Numbers You Really Ought To Know (because most business owner’s don’t) – which is available as a FREE download on this site.

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Lenah Oduor

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